Drop Stops are a handy way of ensuring that one stop precedes another, even within a complicated optimization.

A Drop Stop works when you need to pick up an item at Stop A and it must be delivered to Stop B. By adding Stop B as a Drop Stop to Stop A, you can make sure your route takes you to your pick-up location before your drop-off location.


Let's say you have your route for the day all set to go when you get a call that you need to pick up an item at one location and deliver it to another. Adding a Drop Stop association between the pickup and drop off points will allow you to optimize and make sure that you don't arrive at the drop off location before the pick up location.

How To Add A Drop Stop

1. Add a Stop to your route at the drop off location.

2. Add a Stop to your route at the pick up location.

3. Press on the Stop pin of your Pick Up location and select "Set Drop Stop."

Use the selector to pick the Drop Stop.

4. Click Optimize.

Now your route is optimized so that your Pick Up Stop occurs before your Drop Off Stop.

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Warrior Tip: If you mark a pin as Final, you won't be able to add a Drop Stop to it. That's because your Drop Stop is the first location you must visit and a Final Stop must be the last stop of the route.