Start your engines, getting started with RoadWarrior is easy!

RoadWarrior takes you where you need to go in three easy steps:
1) Add your Stops
2) Order your Stops
3) Navigate to your Destinations

This guide will take you through the basics of creating and navigating through your first RoadWarrior Route--for more details on specific features, check out the corresponding user guide sections on those topics.

Step 1: Add Stops

The most common way to add Stops is through Search Mode, where you type in each addresses like you would in any GPS unit.

Activate Search Mode by tapping the Add Pin circle button at the bottom of your planner.

Enter Search Mode

From Search Mode, just type in your desired address to search, and results will start populating after 6 characters have been entered.

Warrior Tip: RoadWarrior searches the area in your viewable map window first, so if you are not seeing your desired results, zoom in your map to focus on the region you are working in. The closer the zoom, the more accurate the results will be.

Once your desired address populates in the drop-down list, tap the address, then tap Add Stop to add it to your Route.

Add Stop

Repeat this process until all of your desired Stops are added, then exit Search Mode by tapping the red Exit button.

Warrior Tip: If you don’t know the exact address you are looking for, you can simply press-and-hold on the map to manually drop a pin.

Step 2: Order Stops

Once your Stops are added, set up your Route by tapping Order Stops.

Order Stops

This will take you to a screen showing all of your added Stops--double check that everything you need is here before proceeding to Optimize.

Warrior Tip: If you want to adjust your Route settings before you optimize, tap Show Options. Here you can manipulate Settings like including departure time and location, optimization mode, or mode of transportation. Details of this menu can be found in the Optimization Guide.


When you Optimize, the RoadWarrior algorithm will create your perfect Route, taking factors such as traffic and road speed into consideration.

When your route is ready, your Route Summary will briefly display on the screen, indicating:
• Travel Time (your driving time)
• Total Time (driving time + service time at each stop)
• Travel Dist (distance you will travel)

Warrior Tip: You can find this information again at any time by tapping Route Info


And that’s it, you’ve optimized your first Route!

Warrior Tip: The route path is designed to provide a high level overview, but will not display turn-by-turn directions.

If your start point was set to your current GPS location, the map will indicate this with a green circle as seen in the image above. If your start point was set manually, this will be indicated by a green flag. Learn to adjust this setting in our Optimization Guide.

Step 3: Navigate

Let’s get on the road! Select your first Stop and tap Navigate.


Your mapping app of choice will launch with the address pre-loaded for navigation.

Your phone will default to Apple Maps as the navigation provider; you can change this setting at any time from the Settings tab of the side menu.

When you get to your location, switch back to RoadWarrior to Check-In to mark the Stop as complete (and store a record of your arrival time), then load up your next Stop.

The Stop pin on the map will display a check mark, and a record of your Check-In is stored under History.

Keep working through each Stop the same way until your Route is complete.

Warrior Tip: If you Optimize again once Stops have been Checked-In, only the remaining unchecked Stops will remain on the Route.

If you run into specific questions, check out other guide sections, or contact our team at Happy Routing!