Entering Search Mode

Adding stops to a route with Search Mode is often a user's most frequent action. To access this tool, simply tap the floating raspberry button in the bottom right corner of the planner.

Autocomplete Search

As you enter the first characters of your addresses into the search field, RoadWarrior returns an autocompleted list of results that can include addresses and coordinates.

Autocomplete will suggest locations based on the area currently being viewed in the map, so if you aren't seeing the addresses you need, adjust your map and try the search again. For best results, center the map over the region containing the next locations you plan on adding, then zoom out slightly.

Warrior Tip: if you aren't getting results yet, keep typing. RoadWarrior waits until you type at least 6 characters before returning addresses, saving you from irrelevant results and wasted data.

Search can also include your favorites or contacts, if you have these settings enabled in Search Settings. The default settings are to search maps and favorites only. Your permission is required before searching your contacts.

Warrior Tip: To access your Search Settings, tap the gear cog icon in the top right corner of Search Mode.

Once you select a result, you will get a Search Confirmation bar so you can visually confirm the location before adding to your route with the raspberry add stop button in the bottom-center of the screen.

Search Mode allows you to quickly add multiple stops at a time. When you are all done adding your stops, tap the back icon in the top left corner to return to the planner.

Warrior Tip: Need to add more stops after exiting Search Mode? No problem, re-enter Search Mode any time by tapping the raspberry search button again.

Backup Search

If you type in an address and then click "Search" on your keyboard, the results that display are from a general internet search. Results will not include favorites or contacts.

Warrior Tip: Searching for street addresses will yield the best results. Searching for terms such as cities, counties, states, or zip codes can result in an approximate area rather than a known point. Approximated stops are placed in the geographic center of the area, which may not be where you had intended.

Entering Coordinates

Coordinates can be entered into the search bar in the format of "Latitude, Longitude." For example, "39.0, -77.0" is a point in Maryland, just north of Washington, DC. When entering a coordinate, make sure to hit the "Search" button on the keyboard. This will bypass the autocomplete results, which likely do not list your coordinate. After hitting the Search button on your keyboard, results will display with the first typically matching your coordinate.

Search Settings

Search Settings can be accessed by tapping the gear cog icon in the upper right corner of Search Mode. This is where you can control your search sources and enable options for adding stops, like sequencing and quick editing.


Managing Search Limits

Accounts have limits on the total amount of autocomplete searches availale per day. The daily limit is 50 autocomplete searches for Basic accounts and 500 for Pro accounts.

Warrior Tip: For entering large amounts of data, consider using our spreadsheet uploading tool. Pro users can access the tool on web to upload location lists from spreadsheets (.xlxs), then sync with their RoadWarrior app. For more details, check out the Upload user guide.

Exceeding the search limit does NOT mean you cannot search additional locations that day. Autocomplete results will no longer populate so if you exceed the limit, use the Backup Search feature described above.