Customize RoadWarrior to suit your needs with various Settings options.

Settings Menu

Settings can be accessed from the Settings section of the sidebar menu.

The main settings menu contains route defaults and navigation settings.

Route Defaults

These settings handle the defaults associated with your routes. The current default is displayed below the title. Click on a setting title to display the options.

The default navigation app is Apple Maps. This means that when you click Navigate, Apple Maps will open with the address of your Stop ready for navigation.

There are several options to choose from if you prefer a different navigation app. The options are Google Maps, Here, Waze, Sygic, Navigon and Yandex. Remember that you will need to install those apps on your phone before you can use them with Road Warrior.

If you would like to select a navigation app that is not listed, try clicking the Other button. Then, when you click Navigate a list of the apps installed on your phone will pop up and allow you to select one. This allows Road Warrior to send the information, but we can't verify that they will receive it.

Warrior Tip: If you know you'll be navigating in an area without internet you might want to try Sygic or Navigon as good options for offline mapping.

You can choose to navigate to an address or to a coordinate, depending on what you prefer or your company uses.

We recommend setting Navigation Target to Coordinate, as this provides the navigation app the exact coordinates of the pin in Road Warrior. The label that the navigation app displays may be different than the address, as it will try to figure out what is at the location, but the important thing is that the location is the same.

Address sends the address to the navigation app - this can result in an incorrect location if the navigation app geocodes the address differently than Road Warrior. The label may be correct, but the actual navigation location may be different.

Distance Unit

Select Miles or Kilometers for all distances.

Service Time

Service time refers to the length of time that you will be visiting a Stop. This might be for just a few minutes if you are delivering a package or for an hour if you are conducting a sales call. You can edit the default Service Time by tapping the Service Time tab from the Settings menu, and then adjusting the time.

Editing the service time default will apply to all Stops created in the future. It will not change the service time on any current stops.

Warrior Tip: Want to edit a Service Time for just one Stop? Just click on the Stop in the Planner View and select Edit Stop, then tap Service Time. You'll go to the screen below where you can adjust the time.

General Options

Prompt for Check-Ins

When enabled, an edit check-in screen pops up every time a stop is checked-in. This is useful because it allows you to record notes recapping the stop immediately after the stopover. Your Check-Ins are saved under the history section in the left sidebar menu.

Pop Next Stop

Automatically have the next stop on your route pop-up after you check-in at your current stop. You don't have to complete your route continuously while in this mode, close out of a stop anytime you need to. The next stop will only pop once with each check-in.

Stay Awake Mode

Stay Awake Mode allows you to keep your screen display on while using the Road Warrior app. Rather than having to unlock your phone while driving, the app will be continuously open. Keep in mind that this means that your phone will always be on and your battery will likely drain faster. Please use this setting according to your battery preference.

Sort Order

Sort order settings are in the upper right of all the list views (stops, routes, favorites, schedules, history). This affects the order that items in the list are shown in, which can be helpful for organizing your data.

Planner Sort Order

Sort Order in the planner changes the order of your stops while in list view.

Sort by Order, Distance will sort your stops by the order of that route and then the favorites that are not already on the route by their distance from your departure point. Sort by Order, Name will sort your stops by the order of that route and then the favorites that are not already on the route alphabetically. Sort by Distance will sort your stops by their distance from your departure point. Sort by Name will sort your stops alphabetically.

The remaining lists have similar sorting criteria as well.

Search Options

Search options affect searching for new locations to add to Road Warrior as a stop or favorite. You can access search options by initiating a search (tapping the raspberry search icon in the planner or favorites list) and then tapping the settings button to the right of the search box.

Search Options refers to what types of information will be searched when you click the Search icon at the bottom of the Map View or List View. The Search function is the most popular way to add Stops, since you simply need to type in at least 6 characters and a list of suggestions will display for you to select. Simply uncheck these options if you do not want to search them.

Contacts will search the contacts that you have saved in your contacts list with a valid address.

Rapid Entry Mode

Rapid Entry Mode decreases the number of keystrokes for users who are inputting a large amount of stops. Rather than having to re-enter search mode, you will remain in search mode until you cancel out. This is useful for users who have a long list of addresses to input.

Set Sequence

Set Sequence will set the stop order of any new stops you create. For example, if you have 5 stops, and you add another stop with Set Sequence checked, it will set the stop order of the new stop as 6 (without this setting, the stop will be created with no order number).

Edit New Location

Edit New Locations pops up the edit screen after you add a stop to the route. This provides you the opportunity to add notes, change the name, etc immediately and then continue adding locations.