Manage your subscription and explore Pro subscription benefits.

Basic Account

Note: Basic (free) accounts now require email registration--this keeps your data safe in case you lose access to your current device, or have to reset your phone.

We highly recommend that users with Guest accounts (basic accounts without an associated email address) register an email address. If you log out of a Guest account (or lose/upgrade your phone), all of the data will be lost.

Reach out to for registration assistance.

Basic accounts provide a sampling of RoadWarrior's time-saving functionality: map your Stops, plan your schedules, and manage your Settings so you can crush your Route.

With a Basic account, you can build Routes with up to 8 Stops, optimize up to 50 Stops/day, and save as many Favorites as you need.

For increased Routing capabilities, data syncing across multiple devices, and other advanced features, we recommend upgrading to our Pro subscription.

Pro Account

Benefits of Pro

Secure and Sync Your Data - create a password-protected account that can login to on any Apple or Android device. Your data (routes, favorites, activity) is all saved in your account--and syncs across up to two devices at at time.

Save time with Bulk Uploads - quickly upload up to 250 addresses a day through our online portal

Analyze Your Routes - view your Route, Stop, Check-In, and Favorite history using our Reporting Tool

Larger Routes and Higher Limits - optimize Routes with up to 120 stops

Max Route Size - the number of stops on a single route

Total Daily Optimized Stops - the cumulative number of stops you optimize/re-optimize in one day

Warrior Tip: You can create multiple routes to avoid exceeding the Max Route Limit. For example, if you needed to visit 200 stops, divide your stops into two routes of 100 each.

How do I Go Pro?

Upgrade to a Pro account from a basic account by opening the side menu and tapping UPGRADE TO PRO. Select either a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you are upgrading from a Guest Account: be sure to register your account when upgrading. This is the only way to access your account from another device, or to regain access if you are logged out.

Pricing: Pro is available for $5/month or $50/year in US Dollars. Check the upgrade section of your App for prices in non-US currency.

Once you confirm the purchase with your App Store password, your Pro subscription will be available immediately.

Identify Your Account

You can determine your membership status from the main side menu of the RoadWarrior app--take a look at the Route Red box at the top of the page.

If it shows:

  • Guest or Not Registered, you are in a guest Basic Account
  • your email address + Basic Account, you have a registered Basic Account
  • your email address + Pro (Subscription Type), you have a Pro Account


    How do I Log Out?

    If you logged into an incorrect account, you can easily log out and re-log in to the right one:

  • open the side menu
  • tap the Route Red menu bar
  • tap log out

    If you logout of a guest account, you lose any saved Routes, Stops, Favorites, and associated data.

    How do I Reset my Password?

    To reset your account password, go to this link.
    It'll prompt you to enter your email address, and we'll send you a link to reset your password to that address.

    If you don't see an email, please check your spam folder.

    If you no longer have access to your account email, reach out to for assistance.

    Why didn't my subscription renew?

    Your subscription renews monthly or yearly, depending on your Pro plan.

    If your subscription did not renew, it is likely due to a problem with the credit card you have on file with the App Store. The most common reason is an expired or canceled credit card.

    You can check into your account and edit your payment method by following these instructions from Apple.

    What happens when I cancel Pro?

    You can cancel your RoadWarrior subscription directly from your device. Apple provides instructions here.

    If you cancel your auto-payments, you still have access to your Pro account through the end of your subscription period.

    When your subscription expires, you will still be able to login to your account, which becomes a Basic Account. You will also no longer have the ability to use the upload/activity report portal. To upgrade again, simply tap UPGRADE TO PRO from the top of the side menu.