Stop Display Color

RoadWarrior is charging into the new year with a burst of color. In the latest release on iOS, you can edit stops to display in a variety of different colors, allowing you to visually identify locations and intuitively organize routes.
Favorites have also been updated with an improved picker and pass-through coloring for matching stop pins.

See below for highlights selected from 2018 releases

Search Confirmation

The March 2018 release of Road Warrior on iOS focuses on improving the the add stops process. Now, users have the option to change the map display in the Search Confirmation pop-up (after using search to add a stop). Find out more in our newly updated:

User Guide on Searching

February Release

The Feb 2018 release of Road Warrior is a major step forward. More than just a pretty face, we have done a major rehab of the app, so that we have a clear roadmap for the future. Over the next few months we will be bringing you several of the most useful and requested new features.

Raspberry Theme:

The Road Warrior “Raspberry” accent color is now used consistently throughout the app. However, this is far more than just a cosmetic makeover. We took great care to accent and highlight the items which actually warrant your attention with a little pop of color. For example, the new “Add Stop” floating action button, selected items, and editing text field all have a splash of color when they need your focus and are muted when they don't.

Visualize More, Click Less

The popup views have been redesigned to show more information. You can now see more relevant options with less clickity-clack. Here are couple of examples.

Stop View now displays a visual indicator for favorite and other customizations.

Route View displays a progress bar to visualize number of stops completed.

Do More with Data Lists

The data lists have dramatically improved power and functionality. This enables you to sort, filter, and swipe consistently on each major data list (Routes, Stops, Favorites, Schedules, History). Here are a few of the new features added:

Multi-Select rows by clicking on the round icon. This will power several new features which will be added in upcoming releases.

Swipe left to “Edit” or "Remove".


We are always striving to improve your experience by making things as simple and clear as possible.

Adding stops to a route via search is the most important and frequent of actions. To promote the accessibility of this function, there is now a big floating action button (the Search icon) in the lower right in Planner List or Map Views.


Previously many settings were buried in the general “Settings” of the sidebar menu. This new version makes things both easier and more logical by placing settings at their point of use. For example, the Optimize settings are now adjustable directly on the Get Route screen.

The Get Route screen is a more unified location to verify and tweak all settings that affect the route just prior to optimization. Manual Reorder is now available on this screen.

manual reorder closeup
The Manual Reorder icon can be found on the Get Route screen.

Similarly, Search settings are now accessible at the point of search. Tap the Gear icon at the top right of the search screen to access options.

Filtering has been significantly simplified, as well. You'll find more focused options under Stop and Favorite filters, including the new feature to filter by matching text.

Stops and Favorites are now separately controlled for independent filtering.

Filter options are now grouped together and simplified for better access and control.

The filter-specific features include:

  • Full-layer filtering of stops or favorites available with “Hide All” option.
  • Clear filters available with a single click.
  • Displays unfiltered item counts.